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MN Renovations has renovated many homes all over the Minneapolis/St Paul Metro region and is quickly becoming a “buyer’s choice” when searching for immaculately renovated homes. In a MN Renovations home you will find all of the upgrades and finishes that complement each individual house, while taking on a new life for the modern day. When renovating a home, their team enhances its natural beauty and energy to create a uniquely new setting providing years of enjoyment and memories for the new owners. MN Renovations team and their hand-selected professional contractors and subcontractors have decades of experience in renovating homes and are at the top of their game in every job.

Kitchen Renovations

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A kitchen renovation is one of the best investments one can make in a home to enhance the overall living space, flow, functionality and to increase the value of the home. One of the biggest mistakes a homeowner or contractor can make when contemplating a new kitchen is not ...

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Bathroom Renovations

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A bathroom is no longer considered just a functional, necessary space in a home. In today’s modern world a new bathroom offers an excellent opportunity to add sophistication and elegance by dedicating these areas to personal statements of .....

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